What we do

Our expertise lies in identifying stock market bottoms, and buying when the masses are selling. As Warren Buffett explains - successful investors buy when others are fearful, and sell when others are greedy.


It is in these moments when the greatest gains are made. Our system aims to take the ‘fear’ and emotions out of the equation using proprietary algorithms to identify entry points.  

Our strategy is based on statistics and probabilities, never on luck or chance.


Some claim that the market is random, meaning that on any given day price could go higher or lower and there is no rhyme or reason as to which direction it will go – that is simply not true. 


Yes, on many days nobody could possibly predict price direction, BUT when certain conditions are in place, our system can do so with high probability of success.

Of course there is always a possibility that a trade will fail, which could produce a short term loss.


If you are one that prefers absolute safety and cannot bear any loss at any time, this newsletter is not for you. And that’s ok, many people are like you.


However, you are a good candidate if you are entrepreneurial in nature; NOT a gambler by any means, but can accept calculated risks for the opportunity of greater rewards, very much like any business. Know thyself.

Four Models are traded:


The 1st is CLEARPATH S&P 500. Like all our models it aims for absolute gains, meaning potential exists to profit from both bull and bear markets. 


The 2nd is CLEARPATH NASDAQ. This model focuses on the technology component of the market.

The 3rd is CLEARPATH SMALL CAPS.  A Leveraged ETF is recommended tracking 2000 small companies publicly traded on US exchanges.

The 4th model is CLEARPATH VOLATILITY . Model trades instrument which rises in value as volatility expands


How we do it

Our specialty at CLEARPATHSIGNALS is researching and trading the overall stock market, not individual stocks.


The market is generally reflected in the price of two giants - the S&P500 composite ($SPX) and Nasdaq 100 (QQQ). These are Indices that track about 600 of the biggest companies in the world between them.

This is important for portfolio SAFETY. If a TESLA or APPL were to drop15% overnight because of a company specific issue, another 600 companies would be acting as a safety valve propping up the rest of the market.

The most important reason however is that they represent the overall market. It has been shown that between 50% to 70% of one’s returns are dependent on the direction of the market at large, not on nay one specific stock. In other words, you may have bought the hottest company going, but if the bulk of the equities are sinking, so will your new stock.

Therefore, if you can know WHERE THE OVERALL MARKET IS HEADING, not that of a specific company, you will be a successful investor. This is what we specialize in – research-based price behaviour of the overall market. ClearPathSignals obsesses over identifying turning points such as market bottoms, when price has moved down significantly and is ready to turn up.

Mechanics of the trade
  • Buy/Sell signal is triggered, usually after market close but sometimes mid-day

  • Subscribers should be available to perform  trades at market open, between 11 am and 11:30am and in last 20 minutes of trading after 3:40pm. Please view e-mails near close.

  • Frequency of trades vary. There can be weeks between transactions or three in a week.

  • We will advise on specifics of trade for various model

  • We may take sporadic positions in other sectors when value is too difficult to pass up

  • You can view www.hulbertratings.com for audited results updated monthly.

  • If making your own trades is intimidating for you or don’t have the time, this service may not be appropriate for you. Again, this is not for everyone.

Strong research produces strong convictions. We are able to maximize gains by trading another instrument that also represents the S&P 500, but with leverage. With these stocks called SPXL, and TQQQ for Nasdaq, price moves 3x the amount of the $SPX and $COMPQ. Of course it will also drop 3x more when wrong. This is where intimate knowledge is critical – that’s what we provide.